The most popular mirror designs today include:

Yes Please Mirrors
  1. Round Mirrors: They have a simple, timeless and elegant look and can easily complement any decor style. It is often selected as to not compete with other big statement pieces in a living space.
  2. Sunburst Mirrors: They have rays extending out from the center and add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the room. The dramatic design immediately draws the eye. When the decor selected is intentionally understated the contrast of a bold mirror works well.
  3. Industrial Mirrors: They have a raw and rugged look, with metal frames and visible hardware, that gives them a unique charact er. When using heavy furniture and darker colors in a room using the right mirror to maintain the gravity of the room is often hard. Industrial mirrors is the perfect fit.
  4. Leaner Mirrors: They are large, standing mirrors that lean against a wall, and provide an elegant, floor-to-ceiling focal point in a room. When we are pressed for space using leaner mirrors optimises space while adding the the sense of space at the same time.
  5. Hexagonal Mirrors: They have a unique, honeycomb-like shape and can add an interesting geometric touch to the room. We often have decor designs that is looking to be more edgy and different. Using a different shape will contribute to the overall design feel.
  6. Vanity Mirrors: They are designed for use in bathrooms and bedrooms, and often have lights around the edges for added functionality. Vanity Mirrors have come a very long way since the 70s. Often we have spaces with less furniture and decor items.

At Yes Please we have hundreds of mirrors to choose from. We can also manufacture your unique ideas and designs to suit various decor styles and preferences.