Shipping costs

Shipping costs can vary greatly from major cities to towns and outlaying areas. To keep shipping costs as low as possible we implement a partially subsidised approach. With our larger Products like Floor Standing Framed Mirrors, shipping costs can range from R300 to R600. When a Customer purchases a basket of smaller items, shipping can range from R150 to R300.

Order processing time

Once an order and payment is received, the shipping processing starts. Shipping is only done during weekdays. In most cases, an order will ship no later than 3 working days after we received an order.

Shipping carriers and methods

We have several preferred shipping partners. We choose the partner that specialises in the types of products purchased. This approach contributes to assuring that purchases arrive intact, with the smallest possible chance of damage during shipping.

Delivery speed

Under normal circumstances, deliveries are completed within 2 to 3 working days from the date of shipping. Customers should please be aware that strikes, riots, and related disruptions will affect delivery times. We make every effort to keep a client informed during the shipping phase.

Your approach to handling delays or service interruptions

The best way of dealing with delays is communication. We will make sure that you are informed of the cause of any delay, and how all parties involved are working together to get your order out to you as soon as humanly possible.

What to do if an item arrives late or damaged items

Customers are more than welcome to inform us if they experience a delay above and beyond that was communicated. Kindly send us an email to and we will investigate immediately and resolve it to the best of our ability.

In the case of product damage, kindly view our policy listed on the Website or email us at

How to handle returns and cancellations

In the case of returns and cancellations, kindly view our policy listed on the Website or email us at